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5-pcs Roofer's Kit

5-pcs Roofer's Kit
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5-pcs Roofer's Kit
Weight: 13 lbs 8 ozs
Bucket of roofer's safe kit, includes: Fall arrest body harness, Rope grab, Roof anchor with nails, and 5 gallon storage bucket. More details...
List Price: C$269.90
You Save: C$30.00
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Product Details
Construction Roofer's Kit
- Full body fall arrest 5-point harness ( Item# 5952), CSA approval, 310 lbs capacity.
- Rope grab with 2ft shock absorber, includes a built in gravity latch for added security.
- Resuable roof anchor with nails, includes a hinged design with D-ring, 310 lbs capacity.
- 50ft polyester 5/8" rope with snap hook at one end, sewn termination at the other end.
- 5 gallon storage bucket.

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